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Restorative Dentistry

Save with Hyde Park Dental Care! For $159 you can undergo a comprehensive examination that includes 2 bitewing x-rays, a scale and polish and a fluoride treatment. Valid until 31 March 2014
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Restore your teeth to enhance the appearance and function of your smile.

At Hyde Park Dental Care in Sydney’s CBD we value smiling as much as you do and can recommend the perfect restorative treatment to enhance the function and form of your teeth.

Want a FREE smile evaluation?

We are so committed to your dental health, we offer a FREE smile evaluation consultation that involves a 20 minute appointment where Dr Joffe evaluates your smile and recommends any treatment if necessary. This gives you total peace of mind and allows Dr Joffe to discuss any findings with you so you can gain a better understanding of what you need to restore your smile. This is for online enquiries only so book today!

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Our restorative treatments…

Be treated by a gentle dentist…

Dr Brian Joffe believes in conducting gentle dentistry to ensure you are comfortable throughout your entire treatment. We know restorative treatments can be intimidating, which is why we offer a range of sedation and relaxation options to help you minimise any fear or anxiety prior to treatment.

At Hyde Park Dental Care we understand how distracting, painful and frustrating broken, damaged or missing teeth can be. This is why we offer the above treatments to ensure your mouth is healthy, functional and most importantly – comfortable!

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