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Dr Joffe and his team at Hyde Park Dental Care offer treatments to help patients maintain and regain optimal oral health. From general dental treatments like check-ups and fillings to more complex treatments like root canal treatment and dental implants.

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For new patients we offer a free smile evaluation consultation; this consultation gives you a chance to ask Dr Joffe all your dental-related questions. During this consultation, Dr Joffe can advise you on whether or not you require treatment. He can walk you through the treatments you will most benefit from and the results you can expect.

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Hyde Park Dental looks after anxious and phobic patients

If you are an anxious or phobic patient we offer sedation options to help you receive the treatment you need. The very idea of needles is enough to deter people from visiting the dentist, and Hyde Park Dental Care has solved this problem.

We offer the Wand. This is a virtually painless method of applying anesthetic. When anesthetic is applied in the normal way there is a bee-sting feeling, which people erroneously think is the needle piercing the skin. This sensation is actually the uneven speed at which the anesthetic is delivered. The Wand, a pen-like device, solves this problem by administering the anesthetic at a steady speed—many patients don’t even know they’ve been anaesthetised!

We also offer oral sedation: a tablet ingested an hour before your treatment. If you do choose this form of sedation you will need an adult companion to drive you to and from your appointment. It is also important to note you should not make any important decisions for at least 24 hours after you have ingested the sedative.

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A gentle and caring dentist near Darlinghurst

Visiting the dentist every six months is one of the best ways to maintain your oral health. When you visit Hyde Park Dental Care our dentists, dental assistants and hygienists take the time to listen to you and ensure you receive the best treatment for your oral health.

For example patients come in looking for teeth whitening treatment. They just want their teeth to be a little whiter, but on examination, we see the cause of discolouration is medical, not superficial. In these cases we inform the patient of their options: yes, we can bleach your teeth with our PolaOffice whitening treatment, but it’s not going to work. Instead, what’s better would be to treat the cause of the discolouration which might be a cavity.

Dr Joffe and his team at Hyde Park Dental Care endeavor to provide patients with a gentle approach to dentistry. Whether you’re 3 or 90 our team can help you receive the treatment you need in a comfortable and caring setting.

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