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How To Deal With Dental Anxiety

pain free dentistry

5 Treatments For Dental Fear and Anxiety Fear of pain is enough to keep many people from visiting the dentist, even in emergency cases. Dental anxiety is a reality and because your smile is important to us, at Hyde Park Dental Care we have found trusted solutions to work around…

Fix Your Teeth With Tooth Reshaping

tooth reshaping

Unfortunately, not all of us can be born with picture-perfect teeth. Sometimes, our teeth could use a little help getting there. Whether you’re looking to further improve the appearance of your teeth after braces, or for a simple fix to even out misshapen teeth, tooth reshaping may be the solution…

Avoiding a trip to the dentist this Easter

Easter eggs

Easter is a wonderful time of year when many of us tend to over-indulge on sugary foods and chocolate eggs, but how does this affect our oral health? Now that Christmas has been and gone, it already feels like Easter is just around the corner! The shelves at the stores…

What will happen if you don’t replace that missing tooth

Missing Tooth

Many people don’t realise the negative impacts that losing a tooth can have on the rest of your mouth and on your overall oral health. That is why it is quite common to see smiles with gaps in them where teeth used to be! Aside from the obvious aesthetic implications,…

When you smile, we smile!

Pola Teeth Whitening Sydney

Hyde Park Dental Care’s motto ‘when you smile, we smile’ describes how we feel about our patients. This is why we offer our Pola White Teeth Whitening Kit, to help our patients smile more! Dr Brian Joffe’s passion is to create dream smiles and thereby improve a person’s confidence and…

Why do You Need a Dental Crown After Root Canal Treatment?

Hyde Park Dental Care offers after hours emergency dental services to our existing, as well as new clientele. As we are conveniently located in the Sydney CBD, we offer a Sydney-wide service, being especially convenient to the surrounding suburbs of Surry Hills, Darlinghurst, Paddington, Pyrmont, Potts Point, Woolloomooloo and Elizabeth…

What Parents Need to Know about Bottle Caries


Bottle caries and tooth decay in children is a potentially serious condition that will require a visit to a dentist, such as Hyde Park Dental Care in Sydney. Why does tooth decay in children occur? Early tooth decay in toddlers and young children occurs for a number of reasons. Oral…

Are energy drinks bad for your teeth?


Find out if energy drinks and sport drinks are bad for your teeth in the latest article from Hyde Park Dental Care. When was the last time you had an energy drink or sports drink? If you're like most people in Australia you've probably had one in the last week…

Case Study: How your dentist fixes a fractured tooth


At Hyde Park Dental Care in the Sydney CBD we recently treated a patient who had a fractured tooth. Find out how we helped him and how we can help you with emergency dental appointments in the future. (more…)

What Causes Bad Breath?: 6 Causes

bad breath

Bad breath is a problem that plagues most people at one point in their life – but what if bad breath becomes a constant problem? We all know what it’s like to talk to someone with bad breath. You want to shy away – stop the conversation where it is…

Sleep Well: Your Guide to Better Sleep


One of the most common complaints from people is that they don’t get good enough sleep – even when they’re sleeping for seven hours or more. When this happens over and over again this can signify a problem with your quality of sleep and may warrant further attention. A common…

Is Invisalign Better For You Than Braces?


Braces are the long-trusted treatment for crooked teeth… but what if there was a healthier solution for your smile? Invisalign is an alternative treatment to metal braces.  The teeth are gradually moved by a series of aligners (clear, thin plastic material).  These aligners are easily removed which has the added…

Every Day 3 Australians Are Diagnosed With Oral Cancer


April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month and dental professionals around the world are encouraging patients to receive an oral cancer examination as soon as possible…. Cancer of the mouth is the sixth most common type of cancer in the body most commonly caused by smoking and excessive alcohol. Statistically having…

Teeth Whitening Makeovers


Feel confident getting your teeth whitened at Hyde Park Dental Care… Many patients at Hyde Park Dental Care in Sydney’s CBD have seen beneficial results from both our in-chair and at home whitening treatments. Whitening treatments, whether requested due to general staining, smoking related staining or health related staining, provides…

Whiten your Teeth for Life at Hyde Park Dental Care


Over the years our teeth undergo some wear and tear and often change in colour, but now with Hyde Park Dental Care’s tooth whitening treatments and half yearly whitening maintenance you can have white teeth for life… We offer fantastic tooth whitening treatments to provide the immediate results you are…

Hyde Park Dental Care is your Emergency Dental Centre


If you have, or think you may have a dental emergency, don’t panic. At Hyde Park Dental Care in Sydney we will make sure you are seen as soon as possible. Accidents, injuries and emergencies can be extremely stressful for everyone involved. When it comes to dental emergencies our team…

Sedation Dentistry- Treating people who fear the dentist


If you feel anxious or uneasy about visiting the dentist, you’re not alone –sedation dentistry can help calm your nerves while we treat your teeth… Fear of the dentist is a common phobia that can triggered by a past experience or from any number of unknown reasons. Don’t let this…

Making affordable dental care available in Sydney’s CBD

young professionals

At Hyde Park Dental Care we understand that dentistry can be a costly exercise. For this reason we offer payment plans which can be viewed on our website. We also have three special offers to facilitate improved oral health at a reduced price. Special 1 - FREE 20 Minute Consultation…

5 reasons your dentist might request a dental x-ray

xrays top

Many of the patients at Hyde Park Dental Care in Sydney’s CBD wonder why you would need an x-ray when teeth can easily be seen while opening up the mouth. There are 5 key reasons Dr Joffe may require you to have a dental x-ray as part of your treatment…

9 serious conditions you’re risking with unhealthy gums

is gum disease making you sick

For many of us, brushing our teeth and maintaining oral hygiene is something we do because we’ve been told we need to. For those with gum disease, successful treatment and maintaining excellent oral hygiene can dramatically reduce the risk of much more serious diseases. Dr Joffe at Hyde Park Dental…

Need a Gentle Dentist? At Hyde Park Dental Care We Conduct Gentle Dentistry!


Are you afraid of the dentist because you’ve had negative experiences in the past with uncomfortable or painful treatments? Do you need dental care but want a dentist who cares? At Hyde Park Dental Care we hear you… Many Australians suffer from something called dental fear, dental anxiety or…

Invisible Braces are the Orthodontic Treatment of Choice!


At Hyde Park Dental Care in Sydney we provide one of the most popular and high quality orthodontic treatments around… Invisalign! Do you have crooked teeth or a mild malocclusion (misaligned bite) that you feel impinges on your overall facial profile and appearance? Do you want to consider orthodontic treatment…

How to Restore Your Smile with Hyde Park Dental Care


Restore your smile and your health with Hyde Park Dental Care From root canal treatment to dental implants, Hyde Park Dental Care can help restore the function and aesthetics of your smile. Replacing a missing tooth, a root canal treatment or getting a crown is really more about maintaining optimal…

3 Cosmetic Dental Treatments That Can Greatly Enhance Your Smile


With Our Simple and Effective Treatments You Can Visibly Improve the Look of Your Smile Improving your smile visibly can be as simply as a trip to the dentist. At Hyde Park Dental Care in Sydney we offer three different cosmetic dental treatments to provide you with a stunning smile.…

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