5 reasons your dentist might request a dental x-ray

5 reasons your dentist might request a dental x-ray

Many of the patients at Hyde Park Dental Care in Sydney’s CBD wonder why you would need an x-ray when teeth can easily be seen while opening up the mouth.

There are 5 key reasons you may require a dental x-ray for as part of your treatment or dental assessment in Sydney, and we explain them below.

Why do I need a dental x-ray?

There are a number of different reasons your dentist will request a dental x-ray. The most common reasons for dental x-rays include:

1. Checking for decay between teeth

Not all decay exists on the inside/ outside or biting surface on the tooth. Dental decay often occurs between your teeth where it is not visible to your dentist. Dental x-rays can detect early decay which may not be visible to the naked eye.

2. Checking for bone loss associated with gum disease

Dentists use x/rays as a guide to determine bone loss due to gum disease. Gum disease causes shrinkage of the bone and an x/ray will be able to show how advanced it is.

3. Checking for decay under existing fillings

With time, fillings get old and can start to leak. This may result in the development of decay underneath the filling due to food and bacteria entering the crevice. In order to determine if there is decay, an x-ray is required.

4. Checking for infection at the tip of your tooth root

An infection can develop at the very tip of your tooth root where it meets the bone. A dentist may use an x-ray to check and confirm this infection before deciding on appropriate treatment.

5. Examining the area before a procedure

If your dentist is intending to undertake a procedure such as a root canal treatment, implant placement, tooth extraction etc., an x-ray is required to gain the necessary information before proceeding with treatment.

Why dentists take X-Rays

Will Dr Joffe explain my x-ray?

At Hyde Park Dental Care Sydney, once Dr Brian Joffe has viewed the dental x/ray, he will discuss any particular condition or treatment options pertaining to that x-ray.

Dental x-rays are important as they allow your dentist to fully understand your dental condition to ensure the best treatment is used for your long term oral health.

If you have a dental condition you would like treated, or if you haven’t had a dental check-up recently, be sure to book an appointment at Hyde Park Dental Care in Sydney’s CBD today.

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