9 serious conditions you’re risking with unhealthy gums

For many of us, brushing our teeth and maintaining oral hygiene is something we do because we’ve been told we need to.

For those with gum disease, successful treatment and maintaining excellent oral hygiene can dramatically reduce the risk of much more serious diseases.

Dr Joffe at Hyde Park Dental Care in Sydney’s CBD understands the serious consequences of periodontal (gum) disease and is here to shed some light on the issue.

What are the impacts of gum disease?

If you’re ignoring your gum disease, you’re putting yourself at risk of much more serious health conditions. Other than tooth loss due to gum disease, listed below are conditions that are directly associated with gum disease:

  • Increased risk of head and neck cancer
  • Increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease
  • Increased risk of pancreatic and kidney cancer by 62%
  • Increased risk of diabetes by 93%
  • Links to rheumatoid arthritis
  • Being twice as likely to die from heart disease
  • Being three times as likely to die from stroke
  • Decreased likelihood of giving birth to a child of a normal size (only 1 in 7 chance)
  • Increased risk of premature death by 400-700%

Eliminating gum disease adds 6.5 years to your life!

gum disease

What do I do about my existing gum disease?

If you already have gum disease, or think there is a chance you might be developing the condition it is important you book an appointment with Dr Joffe at Hyde Park Dental Care to have an assessment and treatment.

Gum disease is prevalent among Australian adults. It is therefore imperative to have your gums professionally assessed by a dentist so that you can reduce the risk of further complications.

To book an appointment with Dr Joffe call Hyde Park Dental Care in the Sydney CBD on (02) 9267 9526.

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