Australian children suffering tooth decay

Australian children suffering tooth decay

Staggering statistics prove tooth decay is Australia’s number one health problem

A study has shown that 57% of Australians expect to develop tooth decay at some point in their life, even though prevention is as easy as brushing twice daily. Tooth decay is Australia’s most common health problem, with 11 million newly decayed teeth developing every year! That’s why tooth decay in children should be considered serious.

The same study found that 35% of parents reported their children only brushed their teeth once a day and more than 60% of parents accepted their children will get tooth decay during their life!

Children and their teeth

It is a common misconception in Australian families that children do not need to take care of their baby (deciduous) teeth as they will fall out anyway. People with this mind-set could not be any more misinformed. Yes, baby teeth will fall out but it is imperative to take care of them as the health of the baby teeth can enhance the health of the adult teeth underneath. Keeping the gums healthy from a young age means less periodontal issues later in life.

Be sure your child maintains a healthy oral hygiene routine

At Hyde Park Dental Care in Sydney, we urge parents to ensure their child keeps a good oral health routine as getting them into the habit means setting up good oral health for later life.

  • Make sure they brush at least twice daily. If they are very young try and make the experience fun – create a brushing song or brush your teeth at the same time so they can mimic your movements.
  • Get them to floss once a day. Doing this will ensure excess food particles are removed and will help prevent tooth decay.
  • Maintain check-ups with us at Hyde Park Dental Care so we can examine and clean your child’s teeth while making the process fun and educational.

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