Australian made clear aligner treatment

Australian made clear aligner treatment

Are you an adult looking to achieve a straighter smile, but afraid of what metal braces will look like? Here are the best invisible aligners in Australia for you.

Well braces aren’t the only option available, clear aligner treatment (invisible braces) may be perfect for those suffering from mild to moderate issues, or crooked teeth. With clear aligners you can discreetly straighten your teeth, as they are made from virtually clear materials.

You have probably heard about Invisalign clear aligners, but why not choose Australian made and owned aligners instead?

Introducing SmileStyler, a proudly Australian owned business who make clear aligners.

What is SmileStyler?

SmileStyler is invisible aligners technology in Australia, where patients can achieve straighter teeth in a discreet fashion. Clear aligners are stylish, modern and designed to fit conveniently into your lifestyle by providing an easy treatment process, so that patients can achieve the perfect smile they want.

The SmileStyler process

Step 1 – Initial consultation

During the initial consultation at Hyde Park Dental Care in Sydney, we will be assessing whether you are a suitable candidate for clear aligner treatment. This will be done by a thorough dental examination of your teeth and gums, including x/rays.

If you are a suitable candidate and have a healthy mouth, the SmileStyler process can begin.

Step 2 – Photographs and scanning of your teeth

The next appointment with us will be where we use an intra-oral scanner to create 3D images of your teeth. This means no unpleasant impression materials are used and the 3D images allow for accurate aligners to be made.

These 3D images will be sent to SmileStyler, where a customised treatment plan is created.

Step 3 – Review your treatment plan

The treatment plan will create a digital 3D image showing a series of predicted movements, enabling you to view the progress and predicted end result of your treatment.

When you and the dentist are happy with the treatment plan, SmileStyler will begin manufacturing your aligners.

Step 4 – Wear your aligners

The general requirement is to wear each aligner for two weeks unless otherwise told by your dentist. The SmileStyler clear alignment treatment works by changing over to the next sequential aligner every two weeks as your teeth begin to shift.

An additional device, a Vpro, is a special vibrating machine that can shorten treatment time by up to 50%. This option can be discussed with your dentist.

Usually you will be given 3-4 sets of aligners, meaning a visit to the dentist roughly every 6-8 weeks!

Step 5 – Smile! And… Retainer treatment

Congratulations! You have made it to the end of your SmileStyler invisible aligners treatment in Australia and can now show off your beautiful smile and straight teeth!

While the active phase of treatment is important, the retention phase, to prevent relapse is equally as important. Retainers are mandatory to prevent the teeth from moving to their original position. A set of removable retainers is included in the cost of treatment.

The benefits of SmileStyler

Delivery Speed: SmileStyler can be delivered very quickly as they are made locally here in Melbourne. This means you can begin your treatment in a short period of time.

Discreet: SmileStyler clear aligners are less visible than other orthodontic treatments, meaning you can relax and smile without having to worry about people noticing.

Removability: SmileStyler aligners are removable, meaning they are easy and convenient. They should be taken out for cleaning and eating. This makes brushing and flossing your teeth an easier process than if you had metal braces.

Excellent quality: Manufactured to Australian standards and quality in a Melbourne facility using state of the art technologies and software.

Australian owned: Because SmileStyler is Australian owned and made, you are helping support a local Aussie business, rather than an overseas one!

SmileStyler from Hyde Park Dental Care Sydney

Our dentist Dr Joffe and his team at Hyde Park Dental Care work hard to provide excellent care to all patients. The team believes that everyone should work towards having a healthy mouth and their best smile. If you have any questions regarding SmileStyler or another treatment offered, please contact us here.

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