Avoiding a trip to the dentist this Easter

Avoiding a trip to the dentist this Easter

Easter is a wonderful time of year when many of us tend to over-indulge on sugary foods and chocolate eggs, but how does this affect our oral health?

Now that Christmas has been and gone, it already feels like Easter is just around the corner! The shelves at the stores are beginning to fill with chocolate eggs and you’re beginning to crave those sugary sweets. Avoid a trip to the dentist this Easter with Hyde Park Dental emergency dentistry in Sydney.

Traditionally, Easter is a time of year spent with family and friends, consuming large amounts of rich, sugary foods. However, being surrounded by these types of foods can make it difficult to have self-control. So how does this affect your oral health?

Often over the holidays people tend to relax and forget about their oral hygiene routine and when combined with an increased diet of sticky, sugary foods, your teeth begin to suffer. Harmful bacteria can begin to accumulate within the mouth leading to a build-up of plaque, tartar, gingivitis and other irritations.

Although at Hyde Park Dental Care we cater to a range of dental emergencies, we believe that prevention is always better than a cure. Take a look at some of our favourite tips for maintaining healthy teeth and gums over the Easter period, so you can be prepared for when it comes!

Don’t forget to brush!

The most important thing to remember when you’re lying on the couch lazily after snacking on one of those delicious chocolate eggs after dinner, is to brush your teeth before falling asleep. Taking a break from your oral hygiene routine for even just a few days can have a big effect on your oral and overall health.

Make sure you set aside time each morning and night to brush and floss. For most people, maintaining your regular routine takes less than 5 minutes each day so there’s really no excuse not to.

It’s okay to say no

It’s okay to say no to that second chocolate egg, or when someone offers you a second helping of desert. The key to maintaining healthy teeth over the break is moderation. We’re not saying you need to cut out all sugary foods; after all it is Easter!

If you drink more alcohol and sugary drinks over Easter, remember to have a glass of water between drinks. Besides sugar and acids harming your teeth, alcoholic drinks can make you dehydrated. Dehydration reduces the amount of saliva you produce, which makes you less effective at fighting off harmful bacteria.

Fix existing problems before the holidays

It’s always best to fix your dental problems as soon as you notice them. Fixing any existing issues before the holidays begin is a good way to ensure you won’t be spending your Easter break, uncomfortable and in pain.

Unresolved small issues always seem to become large problems just in time for the holidays, so it’s best to fix these small issues before they turn into painful and expensive problems.

Emergency and Cosmetic dentistry at Hyde Park Dental Sydney

Whether you’re overdue for a check-up and clean, need emergency dental work or are looking to improve the appearance of your smile with cosmetic dental treatments, visit Dr Brian Hoffe and the team at Hyde Park Dental Care.

If you have existing oral health problems, contact us today to find out our availability before the Easter holidays!

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