Can I get braces as an adult?

Can I get braces as an adult?

It’s never too late to straighten your smile with braces or clear aligners.

If you are concerned about a misaligned smile, but you never had the chance to straighten your teeth when you were younger, there’s good news — more and more adults are choosing to undergo orthodontic treatment, and there are a number of options to choose from. In fact, there are a number of cosmetic and health benefits to addressing orthodontic concerns and a straight smile is generally a healthier smile. Read on to find out more about your options if you are considering a straightening treatment…

What are the options?

If you choose to straighten your teeth as an adult, you’ll have a few treatments to choose from. Conventional braces are an effective option, and can be used to address a broad range of issues.

Although conventional braces are not as bulky as they once were, many adults prefer a more discreet orthodontic solution. In this case, clear aligners are often a suitable choice. Clear aligners are made from medical grade plastic and are barely visible while they are being worn.

How long does treatment take?

The duration of your orthodontic journey will depend on the specific treatment that you choose, as well as the severity of your orthodontic concern. In the case of clear aligners, most treatments take between 10 and 24 months to complete. Braces can take anywhere between one and three years, depending on the circumstances.

When you consult with your dentist, they will let you know what you can expect from your treatment and how long the process is likely to take. If you have any questions regarding your treatment and its duration, it is a good idea to raise them with your dentist in the planning stage.

What should you know about adult orthodontics?

With advancements in modern dentistry and orthodontics, you can expect an effective treatment and excellent results. But it is important to understand that it takes time and commitment to undergo orthodontic treatment, especially as an adult.

You will need to make sure that you make time for regular check-ups even if you have a busy schedule. This will ensure that your treatment plan is on track and that any issues can be addressed as soon as possible.

You should also be mindful of your diet, especially if you choose to get braces. Foods that are particularly hard and sticky can cause damage to braces and delay treatment, while sugary foods and drinks contribute to the build-up of plaque, which can be difficult to remove when you have braces.

It is also important that you practice proper oral hygiene every day — brush and floss daily and go for regular professional cleans.

How can we help?

At Hyde Park Dental Care, we offer a number of orthodontic options that are suitable for adults. These include Invisalign, SmileStyler Clear Aligners and QuickStraightTeeth. QuickStraightTeeth involves the use of clear fixed braces or removable aligners that work to adjust the front six to eight teeth in the mouth. The treatment period usually takes between six and 12 months.

If you would like to straighten your smile, but are not sure which treatment is most appropriate for you, we encourage you to come in and see us so that we can examine your teeth and advise you on the best course of action. Our team is happy to address any questions or concerns that you have, and will guide you through your treatment of choice.

If you would like to find out more about the orthodontic solutions that are available at Hyde Park Dental Care, please have a look here.

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