How to look after your teeth at Christmas?

How to look after your teeth at Christmas?

During Christmas and the festive season people tend to eat a lot more sweet foods and forget their oral hygiene routines

The annual sweet food binge is worth it at the time, but in hind sight the over-indulgence can come at a cost to your oral health.

At Hyde Park Dental Care, we have recommendations to help you maintain good oral hygiene over the holiday period.

Things to be mindful of over Christmas:

Keep grazing to a minimum:

It’s easy to let meals turn into day long feeds during this time of the year, why? Because it’s irresistible to try absolutely everything and to savour all the wonderful tastes. But this allows no time for our teeth to recover between acid attacks caused by sugar.

It’s not about how much you eat, but rather the frequency and how many times you eat per day. Spreading out your meals and snacking is worse, as it exposes your teeth to sugar attacks and more frequent acid attacks.

Giving your saliva time between consuming food and sugary beverages is important, as this time allows your saliva to neutralise the acid attack.

Be mindful of prosecco and other sparkling wines:

One of the worst alcoholic beverages for our teeth is sparkling wine such as prosecco, the acidity and sugar content is lethal for our teeth. The beverage has its own oral health issue, prosecco teeth which is the condition where the tooth starts to come away from the gum due to chemical erosion. Sparkling wines are overall just extremely damaging for our oral health.

The following are options to reduce the risks associated with sparkling wines:

  • Eat while drinking to reduce acid damage
  • Wait one hour before brushing your teeth, to allow enamel to harden up
  • And the obvious, drink less!

Stick to your routine:

Cleaning throughout the Christmas period is crucial, especially if you intend on feasting and snacking like a king or queen.

Don’t forget to brush your teeth twice a day, floss daily to remove plaque from hard to reach areas and use mouthwash to help kill bad bacteria. These three simple steps help clean plaque away, stop bad breath and maintain your good oral health.

We want you to take care of your oral hygiene over the holiday period and have a safe holiday!

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