How to straighten your teeth quickly

How to straighten your teeth quickly

At Hyde Park Dental Care, Dr Brian Joffe is a QST Accredited dentist. The unique technology and customised design of Quick Straight Teeth™ makes this ideal for patients who are looking for a fast solution to their cosmetic concerns.

Getting straight teeth quickly is now as easy as visiting your local dentist. At Hyde Park Dental Care, we offer Quick Straight Teeth : which has a braces and a clear aligners option commonly referred to as “invisible braces”. This treatment is ideal for patients with mild to moderate crowding on the front teeth.

Quick Straight Teeth Aligners can take less than half the time of traditional braces

As this treatment is ideal for mild to moderate crowding, completion time can be 6 months or less. The shortest treatment time is usually around 3 months for minor orthodontic cases.

The treatment options for Quick Straight Teeth™ are Q Fixed Braces and Q Removable Braces. The fixed braces option uses tooth-coloured wires and brackets that are almost invisible against your teeth. The removable braces are actually clear aligners that are almost impossible to notice.

How does Quick Straight Teeth work?

At your consultation, Dr Joffe will assess your oral health and determine if Quick Straight Teeth is the right option for you. If it is the right option for you, there is the choice between braces and aligners. Patients must have had a general dental check-up within the last 6 months to ensure their dental work and oral hygiene is up to date and that they are clinically ready to be treated with Quick Straight Teeth.

Q Fixed Braces

The fixed braces are an effective option for correcting mild misalignment. The brackets are attached to the front 6 to 8 teeth and the wires exert mild pressure. The Q Fixed Braces move teeth without the need for severe tightening which should minimise any discomfort. The wires and brackets are made from a tooth-coloured material making them a better aesthetic choice than traditional braces.

Q Removable Braces

As the name Quick Straight Teeth™suggests, this treatment has been designed to be removable, quick, effective, discreet and a cost-effective alternative to traditional braces.

Explore the range of clear aligner solutions available

Four benefits of Quick Straight Teeth™

These are just the main benefits of this treatment and collectively are the reason why Quick Straight Teeth™ is such a popular option.

1. Comfort

You want straight teeth, but you don’t want the extended period of discomfort often associated with long term orthodontics which is usually 18 to 24 months. Quick Straight Teeth™ braces are designed for maximum comfort both in the placement of brackets and in how the braces system actually straightens your teeth.

2. Time

This is the biggest benefit of Quick Straight Teeth™. Treatment can be completed in as little as 3 months.And for more complex cosmetic cases up to 6 to 12 months.

3. Cost

The speed of the treatment and the low laboratory costs make Quick Straight Teeth™ one of the most cost-effective cosmetic orthodontic options available.

4. Appearance

It’s been said a lot through this blog post, but the discreet nature of Quick Straight Teeth™ is part of the appeal. Clear aligners are discreet, and the tooth-coloured braces make the treatment much more appealing for anyone who’d rather not have the conventional metal appearance of having their teeth straightened.

Quick Straight Teeth™ from Hyde Park Dental Care

Hyde Park Dental Care in Sydney offer a range of cosmetic orthodontic treatment options to suit a variety of needs. Quick Straight Teeth™ just happens to be one of the most popular, cost-effective ones offered in and around Sydney. 

If you are interested in getting straight teeth quickly, talk with the team at Hyde Park Dental Care today by contacting us or calling 02 9267 9526

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