Julia Roberts reveals her stunning smile secret!

Julia Roberts reveals her stunning smile secret!

She has a smile that we all envy and now the actress has finally spilled the beans on her beautiful teeth.

Julia Roberts has claimed the title of ‘best smile in Hollywood’ for years and is a source of inspiration to all of us who want beautifully perfect and white teeth like hers. Now the actress has finally succumbed to our thirst for knowledge and has revealed that she owes her gorgeous pearly-whites to – wait for it – baking soda!

A tip passed down from her grandfather, Julia has used baking soda for years, and her grandfather only ever had one cavity in his entire lifetime.

The run-down on baking soda on teeth

Baking soda is quite an abrasive powder and can wear down the tooth enamel if overly used as well as irritating the gums. Once gone, tooth enamel will not grow back and will allow the dentin (thin enamel that sits inside the tooth) to show through, which is actually a darker colour than that of normal tooth enamel. If used incorrectly, baking soda can actually darken your teeth, not whiten them.

To prevent cavities and keep strength within your teeth, fluoride is required. Unfortunately, baking soda doesn’t contain fluoride which means that your teeth won’t be receiving the same benefit as they would with normal toothpaste. It is recommended that if you decided to use baking soda, you also continue to use toothpaste for the fluoride benefit.

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