Need a Gentle Dentist? At Hyde Park Dental Care We Conduct Gentle Dentistry!

Need a Gentle Dentist? At Hyde Park Dental Care We Conduct Gentle Dentistry!

Are you afraid of the dentist because you’ve had negative experiences in the past with uncomfortable or painful treatments? Do you need dental care but want a dentist who cares? At Hyde Park Dental Care we hear you

Many Australians suffer from something called dental fear, dental anxiety or dental phobia. This condition describes the anxiety or immense nervousness an individual feels at the thought of going to visit the dentist. But unlike others, Hyde Park Dental Care offers very gentle and smooth treatment services. There are few known causes of dental phobia, of which include:

  • Bad past experiences at the dentist due to painful visits
  • A fear of needles or pain
  • Poor care provided by the dentist
  • Feeling like they will be judged or humiliated based on the condition of their oral health

At Hyde Park Dental Care in the Sydney CBD we are committed to helping you get the care you need with as minimal pain or discomfort experienced as possible. We do this by conducting compassionate, gentle dentistry and providing our patients with high quality sedation options for those who require it.

How can you help me if I have dental fear?

Dental fear can be measured differently, and our main focus is to help you maintain your oral health so you can keep your natural teeth for life. We understand that not everybody feels comfortable while in the dental chair and as such we can use a combination of methods to help make your experience with us as pleasant as possible:

  • We use a compassionate, caring and gentle approach to your dental care for optimal comfort during general check-ups and minor treatments such as scales and polish treatments.
  • For dental injections we use the STA (Single Tooth Anaesthesia) Wand which looks just like a pen and therefore less scary or intimidating! It is controlled by a computer so the injection is virtually painless. We find using the Wand helps patients who are afraid of needles.
  • We can provide oral sedation for those who need a deeper form of sedation. This is in the form of a tablet that the patient takes an hour prior to their procedure. As this is a strong sedative, patients opting for this form of sedation will need to be escorted from their appointment by a trusted adult. They should not make any important decisions for the following 24 hours after taking the sedative.

By using the above techniques we have been able to create a gentle dental practice that is calming and soothing for anxious patients, and along with providing superior results and high quality care this is our top priority at Hyde Park. If you experience dental fear or anxiety, talk to our compassionate and friendly dentist Dr Brian Joffe today to gain the care you need in a relaxed environment!

For more information on our gentle and compassionate dentistry or to book an appointment at our Sydney CBD dental practice, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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