Want to save time, money and build a healthier future?

Want to save time, money and build a healthier future?

Taking the time to maintain your oral health is one of the most important investments you can make

Whilst general dental care (best oral health routine) may not be one of the most glamorous topics to consider, it is one of the most important and practical- without it, you may require painful, lengthy and costly restorative dental treatment down the track!

At Hyde Park Dental located in Sydney’s CBD we recommend a comprehensive at home, and in practice oral hygiene routine to maintain the integrity of your smile

Your daily at home best oral health routine should include:

  1. Brushing your teeth morning and night with a soft bristled tooth brush (excessive force used when brushing can damage your gum tissue and cause your tooth enamel to wear away). Position your brush at a 45-degree angle and brush your teeth and along your gum line in a circular motion for at least two minutes.
  2. Floss your teeth every single day. This is done to remove the plaque build-up on the surfaces of teeth that cannot be reached by brushing alone. Remember you don’t have to brush all of your teeth- just the ones you want to keep!

In conjunction with a proper at home care routine, we recommend our patients visit our Sydney City practice every six months for a check-up and a professional clean. This is done to diagnose and treat any oral issues in their early stages, and to remove deposits of hardened plaque that cannot be removed by brushing and flossing alone.

The link between your oral health and that of the entire body…

These regular visits to our practice can not only save you from costly and lengthy restorative dental treatment down the track, but can also help to protect the future of your overall health. Our dental professionals utilise these regular visits to check for signs of serious illnesses such as:

  • Oral cancer – as one of the most prevalent cancers in Australia, it is important to catch this life-threatening disease in its early stages as patients have a much better survival rate if this disease is treated in its early stages.
  • Periodontal disease – with gum disease linked to a range of life-threatening diseases such as stroke, diabetes and heart disease, it is important to treat this illness before it has a dramatic influence on your overall health.

To discover more about the importance of general dental care, or to book a check-up at our dental practice located in Sydney’s CBD, please contact us.

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