Whiten your Teeth for Life at Hyde Park Dental Care

Whiten your Teeth for Life at Hyde Park Dental Care

Over the years our teeth undergo some wear and tear and often change in colour, but now with Hyde Park Dental Care’s tooth whitening treatments and half-yearly whitening maintenance you can have white teeth for life

We offer fantastic tooth whitening treatments to provide the immediate results you are looking for and for those patients who visit us for regular check-ups twice yearly, Hyde Park Dental Care in Sydney CBD offer FREE teeth whitening for life. During your general check-up, we will clean your teeth and provide a free tray of whitening gel to keep your teeth sparkling. At Hyde Park Dental Care located in the Sydney CBD, we help our patients achieve the white, bright smile they desire.

Oral B study exposes the benefits of teeth whitening

2,000 people were assessed in an Oral B study which found most respondents viewing teeth whitening as a positive treatment for ageing, appearance, relationships and careers. More specifically the results found that teeth whitening could help patients:

  • Look up to 5 years younger
  • Appear happier due to smiling more
  • Improve relationships
  • Land a pay rise
  • Make patients look 20% more attractive

The study also found that the majority of respondents would feel more confident with whiter smiles, which would give them more confidence in other aspects in life also.

We provide in-office and take-home whitening treatments

For your convenience we offer our patients the choice to undergo a two hour in chair treatment here at our Sydney CBD dental office or you can take a kit home to whiten your teeth. For our busy patients who don’t have two free hours to come in, the take-home kit can be more convenient. The ‘at home’ system will still produce the same teeth whitening, but will take longer as the whitening is done on a daily basis over a couple of weeks. During your consultation with Dr Joffe, he will determine your whitening plan and discuss the process that you need to do at home.

How does teeth whitening work?

We use the PolaOffice whitening system which can produce dramatic whitening results in just 2 hours. To begin with we will record the shade of your teeth; for reference during treatment and for comparison on completion of the whitening process. We will then clean your teeth and apply a resin barrier to the gum areas surrounding the teeth to protect your gums from coming into contact with the gel. A hydrogen peroxide gel is applied to each tooth and a special dental light shines on the teeth for 8-10 minutes. The gel is then removed from your teeth using suction and this process is repeated 2-3 times.

For patients who choose to whiten at home, the treatment will take longer however the same results can be achieved. During your consultation Dr Joffe will show you the correct application process and discuss your overall treatment plan.

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Avoid stain culprits

Did you know that cheese is actually good for your teeth? Recent studies have shown that cheese can help protect enamel from acid erosion. So next time you’re sipping on a glass of wine, (which is known to stain your teeth) consider enjoying some cheese to help save your teeth. Some popularly consumed food and drink that are known to stain your teeth include:

  • Sweets
  • Berries
  • Soft drink
  • Sauces (soy, bbq etc.)
  • Starchy food

Smoking is also a common teeth staining culprit. For those stains that just won’t go away, our professional teeth whitening treatment in Sydney could be the solution you are looking for.

To book your whitening treatment call 02 9267 9526 or contact us online.

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