Why do You Need a Dental Crown After Root Canal Treatment?

Why do You Need a Dental Crown After Root Canal Treatment?

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Emergency Case Study: Cracked tooth after root canal treatment

Dr Joffe was contacted by a new patient on a Saturday afternoon. She had been referred by a loyal existing client and complained of tooth ache on the upper left side of her mouth.  The patient was seen for an after-hours appointment on the same day.  She had cracked her upper left 2nd premolar tooth (as pictured to the left). The tooth had been previously root canal treated.

A pain-free injection, using the STA Wand machine, was administered and the loose tooth fragment was easily removed.  A temporary filling was then placed and the patient returned home feeling comfortable and pain-free, giving her time to make a decision regarding the treatment options that Dr Joffe had discussed with her.

Why You Need a Dental Crown After Root Canal Treatment – especially on your back teeth

The tooth fragment had cracked 3-4 mm below the gum line.  The tooth was now in a severely compromised state.  This makes it extremely challenging to successfully restore the tooth long term and the best treatment option is to remove the remaining tooth and replace it with a single tooth implant.

Teeth that have had root canal treatment are intrinsically ‘dead teeth’ with their source of nourishment (blood supply) removed.  This makes them brittle and more likely to fracture.

Scientific research illustrates that a root canal treated back tooth is 6 times more likely to crack than an untreated tooth. Therefore it is generally recommended that all root canal treated back teeth be crowned to provide long term protection for the underlying tooth.

How to prevent dental problems like these:

If the tooth had been crowned after root canal treatment, probable tooth loss would have been avoided and the cost of the crown would have been far less than the cost of a single tooth implant.

If you have had a root canal treated back tooth that has not been crowned, call Dr Joffe today to avoid a potential dental emergency – 02 9267 9526

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