Children's Dentistry Sydney

Children’s Dentistry

At Hyde Park Dental Care we can help your child attain optimal oral health for life!

Don’t wait until your child experiences toothache to visit us. A child’s first dental check-up should begin at about 2-3 years of age. Visiting Hyde Park Dental Care from an early age allows a child to build trust and confidence for future visits to the dentist. The friendly staff at our Sydney City dental practice can even make dental appointments fun!

Regular visits to the dentist will help your child achieve and maintain excellent oral health. A child’s baby or primary teeth are of great importance. Baby teeth help pave the way for secondary teeth, enhance speaking ability and chewing function.

Why are my child’s teeth so important?

Your child’s primary teeth (also known as ‘milk’ teeth) provide a wide range of benefits for your child that go beyond aesthetics. Your child’s teeth also help them to:

  • Move air around the mouth in order to form words and enhance their language skills
  • Bite and chew properly so they can quickly understand this basic fundamental skill
  • Retain proper placement of the teeth so their adult teeth can emerge as they should

Once your child’s first tooth emerges it is time to start brushing with a child’s toothbrush and a pea-sized amount of toothpaste, and we recommend bringing them in for their very first dental check-up so we can monitor their dental development.

Children’s Dentistry Sydney

As a parent, you play an active role in your children’s oral wellbeing and are the ultimate role model for their dietary and oral hygiene habits.

By setting a good example from an early age, you can help create a healthy routine for your child’s future. Supervising your children while they brush their teeth is essential until at least the age of 6 years old. A balanced diet, with children consuming foods from all sections of the healthy food pyramid, can also help to prevent decay while strengthening and protecting teeth.

Child Dental Benefits Schedule

Under the Child Dental Benefits Schedule, Medicare offers $1000.00 every two years to cover basic dental services to eligible children between the ages of 2 and 17. At Hyde Park Dental Care we offer this treatment at no out of pocket cost to you, up to the above limit. To find out if your child is eligible, please contact the Department of Human Services or search Child Dental Benefits Schedule online.