Emergency Dentistry Sydney CBD

Emergency Dentistry

At Hyde Park Dental Care, we can care for you in an emergency situation.

We provide same-day emergency appointments to ensure you are seen as soon as possible. If your emergency occurs outside practice hours, call us and you will be directed to an after-hours number. Your dental health and comfort is our top priority and Dr Joffe and his experienced team will do everything they can to provide the highest level of care and exceed your expectations.

What constitutes a dental emergency?

Emergency dental situations may include:

  • Toothache
  • A cracked tooth
  • Injury to the soft tissue of your mouth (lips, gums etc.)
  • An extruded tooth (pushed from position)
  • Tooth loss
  • Any pain associated with the mouth (and in conjunction with any of the listed)
  • Dental pain that cannot be relieved with simple pain medication tablets
  • Swelling of the mouth, cheeks or sides of the face

If you experience any of these emergency situations, it is important you book an appointment with a dental professional as soon as possible. We strongly recommend you do not ‘wait and see’ if your dental pain goes away on its own as this can allow the problem to worsen and any issues will become more problematic and complex to solve.

Emergency treatment is available BY APPOINTMENT ONLY so be sure to call us to secure an appointment as soon as possible.

Tooth loss is one of the most common dental emergencies.

If your tooth is knocked out, it is important that you see a dental professional within half an hour. This could mean the difference between saving your tooth and losing your natural tooth forever. Pick your tooth up by the crown (not the root) and gently rinse in water or milk. The tooth should then be transported in the cheek of the patient, or alternatively in a glass of milk with the patient to the dentist.

Sydney Emergency Dentist

For urgent emergency dental treatment, please call 02  9267 9526.

Frequently Asked Questions

Emergency dental care includes a toothache, cracked tooth, injury to soft tissue of your mouth, tooth loss, pain associated with the mouth that cannot be relieved with medication alone, or swelling of the mouth, cheek, or side of the face.

For emergency dental care contact your dentist immediately with any concerns. For same day emergency treatment book an appointment at Hyde Park Dental Care here or call 02 9267 9526.

You can go to the hospital for a dental emergency; however, it depends on your specific scenario and pain level. Contact your dentist first as most likely they can treat you immediately for emergency care.