Teeth Cleaning in Sydney CBD

Taking out a little extra time for one’s teeth never hurt anyone. Deep cleaning of teeth is mandatory for good oral hygiene.

At Hyde Park Dental Care in Sydney CBD, we provide regular thorough teeth cleaning sessions in Sydney CBD. These remove plaque and tartar from hard-to-reach corners of your mouth.

We also customize dental care plans according to each patient’s needs.

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What We Do In Teeth Cleaning

The procedure runs for approximately half an hour at our dental clinic in the heart of Sydney CBD. It is performed by our trained and experienced dentist only.

  • Dental Checkup – We will start with a basic checkup of your teeth. This is to make sure there are no active gum infections before the procedure.
  • Scaling – We use a scaler to scrape off the tartar from the teeth. It may take time if there is too much plaque. Regular brushing, flossing, & mouthwash will only get rid of food remnants but scaling helps in removing the hard-to-remove tartar.
  • Teeth Cleaning & Polishing – We use a high-quality electric brush after scaling off the tartar from teeth. A granular toothpaste is used to polish the teeth. The brush is used to remove any residual plaque and stains from the teeth.
  • Fluoride rinse – We give you liquid fluoride for rinsing your mouth after the process. The fluoride penetrates into the tooth and strengthens the tooth to reduce the risk of decay.  The fluoride also helps to reduce temporary tooth sensitivity which can sometimes occur after a deep cleaning.

The dentist will suggest post-procedure safety tips and your next dental appointment, if required.

Benefits Of Regular Teeth Cleaning, Sydney CBD

Teeth cleaning might seem a small deal, but it means a lot in your long-term dental health. It is not only beneficial for your oral hygiene but for many other reasons.

  • Everyone is prone to some dental issues and might need treatments like root canals, fillings and crowns during their lifetime. Regular teeth cleaning can prevent some if not all dental issues.
  • Soft plaque, if not removed, can become hard tartar which is more difficult to remove and can cause bad breath.
  • Many heart and stomach diseases are associated with bad oral health. Getting your teeth cleaned at regular intervals helps maintain good oral hygiene and prevent other health issues.

Make dental cleaning part of your routine checkups . Visit Hyde Park Dental Care and schedule your teeth cleaning appointment in Sydney CBD by one of our dentists.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is recommended to get your teeth cleaned every six months. Regular brushing removes food remnants and prevents the building up of plaque. Teeth cleaning sessions will help you get rid of stubborn plaque from the hard-to-reach corners of your mouth.

Contact our assisting team and book the next appointment for teeth cleaning in Sydney, CBD.

No, if you get teeth cleaning done by a dentist on a regular basis you will not feel any pain. Patients who have sensitive gums will feel a slight irritating sensation but it is mild and does not last for long. 

Teeth Cleaning is a process of deep cleansing the teeth to get rid of stubborn plaque and tartar that will affect your dental hygiene.  In teeth whitening  we use a whitening agent to brighten your teeth. We usually recommend dental cleaning before the whitening treatment.

Consult your dentist and make a wise decision.

Yes, absolutely. It is highly recommended for children given that they love to consume sugary and junk food, soft drinks, etc. Teeth cleaning ensures that their oral hygiene is maintained from a young age. Children above 3-4 years of age can undergo teeth cleaning.

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