Tooth Colour Fillings Sydney CBD

Tooth Coloured Fillings

At Hyde Park Dental Care we proudly use mercury-free filling materials.

Our tooth colour fillings in Sydney CBD filling material does not pose a hazard to the environment. Another great aspect of this material is that it does not expand or contract in response to temperature changes within the mouth.

At our Sydney CBD dental practice, we believe in providing the utmost care and convenience for our patients and this includes their long-term oral health goals. By using tooth coloured fillings we can ensure your tooth is sealed properly, which means there is a greater chance of preventing further damage or decay.

Like the name suggests, our tooth coloured filling material can be matched to the exact colour of your natural tooth. This creates a functional and seamless result for a restoration that is aesthetically pleasing and effective.

If you have current silver fillings that you are concerned about, speak to Dr Joffe at Hyde Park Dental Care about the various modern restorative dental treatments available to you.

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