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Straighten your teeth with SmileStyler clear aligners in Sydney

SmilesStyler is a modern brand of invisible aligners from Australia which help to give you a straighter and more attractive smile! This Melbourne-based company is offering stylish, effective, fast treatment to straighten teeth and improve oral hygiene without conventional braces, brackets or wires.

The aligners are worn for up to 22 hours a day and can be removed while you eat, making them a lifestyle-friendly, discreet orthodontic option for those put off by the idea of traditional orthodontics. Essentially, they serve as invisible braces, and depending on the complexity of the work which needs to be done, may also be a quicker treatment option too.

SmileStyle Clear Aligners

How SmileStyler Invisible Braces works

SmileStyler works on the same principles and benefits as Invisalign treatment does. As it is an Australian based company, SmileStyler offers a quick and efficient service.

SmileStyler Clear Aligners Sydney differentiates itself from Invisalign in that with a special scanner in the mouth, only 6 sets of aligners are made at a time before the next set of aligners are ordered. This helps to prevent any unnecessary delays, should treatment not be tracking perfectly. 

SmileStyler also includes a set of retainers after the active phase of treatment, at no extra cost.

SmileStyler is a 5-step process

Step 1 – Initial consultation

The first step in getting SmileStyler invisible braces in Sydney is your consultation at Hyde Park Dental Care. At this consultation, Dr Joffe will assess if you are a suitable candidate for the treatment. Should you be a suitable candidate, a thorough dental examination and cleaning will be carried out to ensure that your teeth, gums and jaw joints are in a healthy state. Any remedial work will need to be completed before SmileStyler can commence.

Step 2 – Second consultation

An intra-oral scanner is used to create 3D images of your teeth.

One advantage of this treatment is that no messy impression material is used. It’s all digital.  The scans will be sent to SmileStyler where an orthodontic treatment plan is created for you. The plan will detail the predicted movements of your teeth over the entire length of treatment.

Step 3 – Review treatment plan

The scans will be sent back to Hyde Park Dental Care, and once you and Dr Joffe approve the treatment plan, SmileStyler will then manufacture your custom-made clear aligners in Sydney. Because SmileStyler is based in Melbourne, you will receive your aligners within a few days.

Step 4 – Wearing the aligners

Each set of active aligners will have to be worn for 2 weeks, unless otherwise prescribed. With the the use of a VPro5 device, which is a special vibrating machine that allows the aligners to move the teeth quicker, the treatment time per set of aligners could be reduced by up to 1 week. Each case would be assessed to ascertain whether this option is viable.

You will receive 6 to 12 weeks’ worth of aligners at a time. Towards the end of these phases of treatment you will return to Hyde Park Dental Care to have another scan of your teeth. Your next batch of invisible braces will be created based on these new scans.

The benefit of this process is that it helps to ensure your new aligners fit perfectly.

Step 5 – Retainers

Upon completion of the active phase of treatment and your teeth reaching their corrected positions, a set of retainers will be made to prevent relapse.

4 benefits of SmileStyler: invisible braces in Sydney

There are four main benefits of the Australian-based service:

1. Fast delivery = faster treatment time

As no international delivery is required, you will be able to get your clear aligners faster in Sydney, allowing you to potentially have aligned teeth faster.

2. State of the art = quality

The software and manufacturing technology used by SmileStyler ensures you receive high-grade, quality aligners which give you the straighter teeth you desire.

3. Convenient = eat what you want

With SmileStyler, there are no inconvenient diet restrictions which come with traditional metal braces. You can remove your aligners when you eat and drink, or if you have a special occasion taking place.

Additionally, you are also able to remove them when brushing and flossing your teeth, allowing you to avoid having to work around metal braces. 

4. SmileStyler is also virtually invisible, so your friends and family may not even notice that you’re undergoing orthodontic treatment!

SmileStyler from Hyde Park Dental Care

Now a provider of SmileStyler, Hyde Park Dental Care is offering patients invisible braces in Sydney to straighten their teeth without discomfort.

If you would like more information, or to request a SmileStyler consultation, please contact us  today.

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