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Porcelain Crowns and Bridges

Porcelain dental crowns and bridges Sydney can restore the form and function of your teeth

If your tooth is extensively damaged, Dr Brian Joffe and the team at Hyde Park Dental Care may recommend a crown or bridge to restore your function and smile.

What is a dental crown?

Crowns cover a single damaged tooth to restore its structure, shape and function. Traditionally, dental crowns are also designed to cover the whole tooth, preventing it from further damage. Part of the tooth is removed and replaced with a permanent prosthetic cap.

This technique strengthens and protects weakened teeth from further damage and can also improve the appearance of a discoloured or a misshapen tooth. Crowns are generally recommended for teeth that have had large fillings that continue to break, or have large chips or cracks in the enamel.

Dental crowns are a great option for patients as they provide a stable restoration to a damaged or weakened tooth while simultaneously providing a cosmetically pleasing solution that patients can smile about.

There are various types of crowns out there, including zirconia crowns, gold crowns, cerec crowns, ceramic crowns and most commonly, porcelain crowns. 

Receiving your laboratory made dental crown is a three-step process

If you require a dental crown your process will include:

  1. Your initial consultation for a comprehensive assessment of the tooth (or teeth) that are causing you pain or are damaged.
  2. If a crown is deemed your best option, Dr Joffe will discuss all aspects of the treatment prior to commencing. Dr Joffe will then prepare the tooth by shaping it appropriately and taking an impression using CAD/CAM technology of your newly shaped tooth. Dr Joffe will then fit a temporary crown so you can smile with confidence until your permanent crown arrives. The impression will then be sent to the laboratory where your custom-made crown will be created.
  3. Your third appointment will include Dr Joffe removing the temporary crown and fitting the permanent crown, where you can inspect your new restoration and approve it before it is cemented permanently into place.

Single Visit Dental Crown

Whilst a precision-made porcelain or gold laboratory crown is still accepted as the gold standard, the one visit crown (OVC), also known as a single visit dental crown, is an acceptable alternative. The OVC crown is a pre-made crown that is adapted and fitted onto your existing tooth to act and feel like natural teeth. The advantages of an OVC are as follows:

  1. Where cost is a concern, the OVC is up to 50% cheaper than a laboratory made crown.
  2. The OVC is generally less invasive than a full crown and therefore conserves more natural tooth structure.
  3. The OVC is a 1 visit procedure of approximately 60 minutes with no uncomfortable impressions required.
  4. The OVC is more durable and longer lasting than a large amalgam or composite filling.
  5. In largely broken down teeth with little mechanical retention, the OVC can perform better due to its higher bond strength to the remaining tooth than a full crown, which may depend on tooth structure for support.
  6. Teeth that have hairline cracks, which may result in the need for a root canal treatment long term are better served by the OVC as one can always complete the root canal treatment afterwards by drilling through the OVC.
  7. Teeth with a poor long term prognosis can be restored on a short to medium term basis, cost-effectively until the tooth needs to be extracted and replaced by a single tooth implant.
  8. People who have worn down their teeth due to grinding (bruxism) or acidic foods and liquids can have their teeth built up and bite restored with an OVC.
one visit crown before and after

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We offer one visit crowns at Hyde Park Dental Care from just $999 (conditions apply).

Dental bridges are very similar to crowns and are used to ‘bridge’ the gap left by a missing tooth

Bridges are used to replace a single tooth or multiple teeth that have been completely removed. Bridges rely on existing tooth structures on either side of the missing teeth which are prepared with a crown and fused to prosthetic teeth to “bridge” the gap. 

The process is very similar to the dental crown process and involves three or more crowns fused together to create a prosthetic appliance which are then cemented to the two prepared teeth sitting adjacent to the site of tooth loss. By doing so we can effectively replace your missing teeth! 

Dental Crowns in Sydney

At Hyde Park Dental Care, our Sydney dental practice offers a range of options when it comes to dental crowns. Contact us today to find out more!

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